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Sarah’s pissed because mom sent us a package with “a very special surprise in it you will not be disappointed” and she got all excited and it turned out to be pillows but I mean of course I’m pretty sure that’s a normal mom thing she should have especially known not to expect anything huge what with our mom having a freaking brain injury

SO Sarah was complaining about how she didn’t send any money and how on the phone she had told her that she would be sending each of us $200 and she was all upset because “that’s barely anything” shut the fuck up man she sent Sarah $100 just last week and Sarah spent it ALL on pizza takeout and food 

Anyways I was talking to dad about how mom cancelled her trip and he sort of sighed and was silent and I was like “Let me guess you’re relieved because you don’t want to see her but you also feel a bit guilty for that relief because she’s obviously not feeling well at all and a little part of you is wondering how close she is to hitting the sack for good” and he was like “Very very close but you missed one thing” and I was like “Oh now you’re worried because you were banking on her taking us shopping and you don’t know how you’re going to afford taking three girls shopping for new clothes” and he was like “Yep”

So on one hand it’s really fucking shitty that Sarah is bitching about this and how no amount of money is ever good enough for her (Like, fuck, mom bought her TWO prom dresses cos she didn’t really like the first one and she didn’t even end up going anyways) and she should be more grateful that mom is sending her $200.

But on the other hand for a woman who has millions upon millions of dollars in the bank and has never payed child support it’s also shitty that she doesn’t offer more financial support to the family in general, especially my dad

God damn it reasonable balance is something that is just never going to happen in this family

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I’ve been having incredibly weird nightmares recently. Tonight I had one that my sister Sarah (who is obsessed with Hannibal) turned into a serial killer and burned our house down. Then I had a dream that that I was Link in Legend of Zelda except the monsters were always trying to kill my dogs. I’ve had different ones that are weirder and way worse and have made me toss and turn and wake up a million times, but these last couple of nights I’ve been sleeping upstairs since dad is gone on his business trip to estonia, and because it’s actually air conditioned up here gus is snuggled up to me on my left side and casper is snuggled up on my right side, so I haven’t tossed and turned since haha

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I’m so angry right now that I am shaking I thought that my sister was on top of taking care of her OWN DAMN DOG but his hair was really long and I couldn’t see his skin and then she gave him a haircut and I thought the pink spots on his skin were just scrapes from the scissors since he freaks out when he gets his haircut but I was brushing him and I saw that he had some flea bites and I told Sarah and she said that she would  give him a flea bath because Gizmo has a skin condition where he is really allergic and prone to flea bites and a few days later it got worse so I asked her again and she said she would do it later and tonight I asked her one last time and said that it had gotten worse and she literally just SHRUGGED HER SHOULDERS AND CONTINUED FUCKING AROUND ON HER LAPTOP I am so fucking angry at her and at myself for assuming she would take care of her own dog the bites got worse SO QUICKLY it went from like 5 from the first time I checked and now he has like 40 I was honestly sobbing my eyes out because I feel so horrible that I let it get this far and it isn’t my responsibility or my fault in any way shape or form but I just feel like I should have assumed taht she wouldn’t do anything because she is such an irresponsible fucking bitch her own dog is in SERIOUS PAIN and all she can do is surf the web is she fucking insane is this a qualification to get her locked up in a mental facility because there is CLEARLY SOMETHING WRONG WITH HER I am honestly about to go break her nose or something

Oh, Warped tour was fun. Too much private stuff to post bur it was really great and I met a lot of really cool talented people and hung out with Nikki so that was fun!

I hate being in an unstable financial situation but I like the surprise of being able to buy things I’ve wanted for months

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Last Monday was both good and bad. It was bad because Dad got a gift certificate to almost any restaurant ever and we were gonna have dinner after therapy. I was starving so I went to the restaurant 15 minutes early and ordered a side of mac and cheese. Turns out Dad went into Sarah’s therapy appointment and they duked it out for over 2 hours. Dad said he was canceling the dinner and I accidently left my wallet at the office and didn’t have any money so I had to wait alone for an hour waiting for dad to come buy with some cash. Apparently Sarah got a truth bomb that she’s ruined her relationship with the entire family. I don’t think it has had any effect on her though. She’s continuously argumentative and selfish. I let her borrow some of my clothes for her trip to Italy and she strewed them all over the hallway floor. She alos thought she had lost her computer charger and so I let her borrow mine and she completely twisted it to the extent that the plastic ripped off and it didn’t work. 

Anyways, back to last Monday. Dad decided not to cancel dinner and we actually ended up going to a nice french place. The waiter kept coming by when we were making strange remarks so we decided to make it a game as to when he walked by we had to say something weird. I think I won because he came by and I started ranting about how Papa Smurf is NOT Smurfette’s father and that she was originally an evil creation who was changed by the goodness of the smurfs and he cracked and said “This table has been VERY interesting to serve.” 

It’s so hot here right now, 100 degrees outside which is unheard of for Norcal weather. The dogs got a bit overheated and got sick and I was really freaked out but then an unexpected check came in today so we went out and got an air conditioner for dad’s room so if it gets too hot the dogs can hang up there. It also meant that I could get some clothes, which I originally thought I wouldn’t be able to do because I have dad all my cash when Sarah started complaining about her stupid fucking online classes and other shit she “NEEDED” to buy. I’m really excited because I’ve wanted some of this stuff for forever, I’ll upload photos. 

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This Sinus Infection will NOT stop the feminist rage inside of me

This Sinus Infection will NOT stop the feminist rage inside of me

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You know maybe if everyone was taught in school from the start that it wasn’t just the jews in concentration camps during WW2 but other undesirables as well, maybe people would be more educated and since they were not withheld this information maybe the travesties against lgbtq*s and others in Greece maybe could have been prevented in full if modern day people were outraged over their treatment 70 years ago.

Is this what it will take for people to look upon the faces of the lgbtq population in starvation, misery, torture and forced labor in order to accept that they too are humans? We couldn’t have recognized this years ago, history just has to repeat itself in order to appeal to an audience more fresh in our mindset? It is amazing how much information is withheld from us even within events from 50 years ago, how little even high schoolers are taught about segregation, how the very fact that the US locked thousands of asian americans into camps where they had to build their own roof over their head and create their own bed out of straw every day is practically unheard of in the American classroom.

I am tired of skittering around the lines of history because of shame and because of a will to keep the future of America blissfully ignorant. I am tired of not learning about current events because they are “too controversial,” which is basically teachers refusing to tell their kids why any of their history lessons even matter and how to connect it to present day. Though these events will be in the history books in the next 10 years, Americans are practically taught to ignore current events. High school isn’t a preperation of the world, it’s a breeding ground for hollywood infected zombies who are told that the only thing that matters in regards to their self worth is their clothes hair and body. And with no knowledge that there is HUGE STUFF happening in the world right now, with no reason or motivation to look it up for themselves, the American youth will never understand current events until much older.

Basically, if you give a high schooler an article on the neonazi concentration camps in greece and a magazine about celebrities with bad bikini bodies and they pick the latter, you’re doing it wrong. It’s all too common, and the odds are too stacked against the youth to even really blame them. What did you see about Wendy on the Yahoo front page? Nothing. There were really some weird local stories and a lot of gossip. Even if a 16 year old kid had decided to turn on the news, what did they hear about Wendy on CNN? News networks didn’t even bother to regularly check into something that was being watched worldwide, that was trending on twitter. They reported on the calorie count of muffins. Once again, pretty much reaffirmation to that teenager that your diet and your body are more important than any (in their mind) non-existant current events.

I hate to say it but the world is against you when you’re a teenager. But I do think that things are changing. Adults have vastly underestimated technology. Our ability to share information on websites like this that is being ignored by mainstream media and get it seen my hundreds of thousands of people. The fact that while changing the times that the bill yesterday was passed on their website doesn’t change the fact that 200,000 people online and hundreds in the room at the time SAW that the vote was after 12. They couldn’t get away with it. They tried to, though. They tried to tell a woman that she couldn’t sit down for 12 hours because of rules then turned around and commited an act that was actually unconstitutional.

People will try to keep the future of America docile, sheeple, uninterested. 

I guess sooner than later they’ll find out that a lot of us aren’t, and boy howdy are we angry